What fees do you charge for your service?2019-05-27T13:39:51-04:00

There are no fees for our assistance.

What is the advantage of having the RightShore Group help me find a contact center?2019-05-27T13:40:28-04:00

The contact center industry is very fragmented, with hundreds of small and medium-sized providers in every geography, each with their own particular expertise and experience. For 10+ years we have compiled a database of providers with a wealth of information including their unique experience and expertise. With our database, the RightShore Group can quickly find you a provider that has the capabilities that exactly meet your program requirements.

What are the key criteria you use for helping me find a partner?2019-05-27T13:41:12-04:00

The first and most important criteria is understanding the scale of your requirements and identifying a “right-size” partner. You want a provider who will be interested in your program so you get their attention and best resources. You don’t want your program to be more than 20% of their total revenues. From there, we determine a partner who has the appropriate skills and industry experience.

What geography should I consider?2019-05-27T13:41:31-04:00

There are many variables that go into this decision. Generally, the further afield you go the lower the rates you will pay. Conversely, the more complex your program is the more challenging it is to partner with a provider in another part of the world. The RightShore Group can assist you in evaluating your program and determining the service delivery geography that will deliver the best results for your business. 

Do I negotiate directly with the provider you find me?2019-05-27T13:41:52-04:00

Yes, and the RightShore Group stays involved and assists you in negotiating an agreement. We have negotiated hundreds of BPO agreements and can ensure that yours will reflect the latest industry best practices. We also have contract templates we can use as a starting point to expedite the process.

Do you remain involved after you have found us a potential partner?2019-05-27T13:36:44-04:00

Yes, the RightShore group will continue to be involved in making sure your program is a success with your new partner and that you are satisfied with the agreed partnership. We attend regular operations calls and quarterly business reviews to ensure that you are achieving your goals.



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