Many companies have long-standing successful relationships with contact center providers but they need a re-fresh of their contract.

The RightShore Group has negotiated thousands of partnership agreements and can assist you in developing a new agreement that will maximize the results you achieve with your chosen service provider.

Previous outsourcing agreements have focused on traditional industry KPI’s such as Service Level, Average Handle Time (AHT), Quality, and CSAT or NPS. The RightShore Group believes these traditional partnership models fail to drive innovation.

A relationship that is truly a “Partnership” must provide a means and a mechanism to reward your partner so they are motivated to invest in technology or practices that will drive milestone improvements in your customer relationship strategy. This can come in the form of gain sharing or other mechanisms that establish a true “Partnership” and represent a critical component of every modern BPO agreement.

As part of our consulting engagement, the RightShore Group provides contract templates and proven “off-the-shelf” provisions that capture these fundamentals so you get the most out of your partnership.

Are you ready to negotiate?

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